Rusty ski lifts and abandoned hotels. Climate change has led to the extinction of Austrian ski resorts. But suddenly a small village, Kaffberg in the Seiltal, is causing a big stir across the country. Miraculously the slopes there are covered with snow again – and no one knows how. A young journalist tries to find out the truth behind the „miracle“ and discovers Kaffbergs secret wonder-cow Berta, which pees into the water-reservoir of the snow cannons every day and therefore makes snowmaking possible again. In the meantime, the mayor Aloys Hörl above himself presents Kaffberg’s next attraction at a gathering with the other villagers: he presents the DX-3000, the largest snow cannon in the world, which in the future will not only cover the slopes but the entire village with snow.

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Musician and filmmaker Marcus Hinterberger grew up in the Austrian ski region of Saalbach-Hinterglemm and has experienced the excesses of mass tourism in his homeland since childhood. With his protest song „Ischgl Blues“, which addresses the excesses of party tourism in the Austrian ski areas, he landed a viral hit in autumn 2020. In his new film project „Kaffkadscha“ he is now dealing with the future of ski tourism in view of the climate and energy crisis.

Behind the scenes

Despite a budget of only a thousand euros and difficult shooting conditions (outdoor shooting with pouring rain, animals on the set), we shot this crazy student project in autumn 2022 thanks to many volunteers and a team spirit that you so often look for in vain. I hope you will feel this spirit in the finished film.


Aloys – Martin Dreiling

Hias – Marcus Hinterberger

Claudia – Nadine Breitfuß

Dr. Speckmann – Peter Papakostidis

Himal Ashabi – H.M. Sandun Maduranga

Musician – David Spacey

Locals of Kaffberg:

Arya Breitfuß

Greti Breitfuß

Josef Breitfuß

Maria Breitfuß

Ylva Breitfuß

Dimitrji Conticelli

Julian Hartl

Elisabeth Marburger

Christa Merz

Sieglinde Möschl

Petra Schuster

Anneliese Teuchmann

Willi Teuchmann


Doris Länglacher


Director of Photography: Florian Beck

Sound Production: Liam Krumstroh

Sound-Design and Mixing: Philipp Feichtinger

Set-Design: Rudi Hinterberger

First Assistant Camera: Lorenz Dauber

Assistant Director: Doris Länglacher

Production-Assistant: Nils Almer

Behind-The-Scenes-Footage: Julian Hartl

Cow Trainer: Markus Gensbichler, Johann Gensbichler

Project-Support: Alina Teodorescu

Producers: Marcus Hinterberger (Austria), Athanor Akademie Passau (Germany)

Screenplay, Director, Editor: Marcus Hinterberger

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